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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Academia Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for academics and those enrolled in higher education. It only takes a minute to sign up. I, a twenty-year-old female, have come to admire the graduate teaching assistant for my summer course quite strongly. I’m extremely interested in what he has to say, I always pay attention, never use my phone and use eye contact to show interest. I do like them very much and I think about them with warmth often.

Dating Your TA: Yay Or Nay?

This policy was approved by the Board of Trustees on June 21, The University has a duty to provide for the student those privileges, opportunities, and protections which best promote the learning process in all its aspects. The relationship between an instructor [2] and a student plays an important role in accomplishing this mission. Certain responsibilities bestowed upon instructors have long been codified in the Faculty Rights and Responsibilities policy:.

The teacher has the responsibility to encourage the pursuit of learning by students by manifesting the best academic standards of the discipline or profession. To accord students respect as individuals, the teacher shall seek to establish a relationship of mutual trust and to establish an appropriate role as an intellectual guide, counselor and mentor, both in and out of the classroom.

It turns out that I’m the TA for a student that I was friends with in high school. Do I need to tell someone about it? One of my students asked me out on a date. I just​.

Graduate assistantships are unlike any other student employment on campus. Definitions and Job Codes: Below are brief definitions, job codes, and required dates of employment for graduate assistantships. More detailed information regarding definitions and responsibilities may be found in the Graduate Administrative Handbook, Section 4. Graduate Teaching Assistants are appointed in an academic department or program and a directly participates in the teaching mission of the unit as instructor of record, lab instructor, recitation leader, lab or lecture assistant, or who has responsibilities in direct support of classroom instruction in the unit, such as setting up labs or working in an instructional computer lab; or b provides general support to the teaching mission of the department or program.

Temporary appointees may be referred to as student workers. International graduate students who are appointed on a graduate assistantship must meet with the Foreign National Taxation Office to complete a tax assessment. For more information regarding payroll and taxation for foreign nationals, please see the New Foreign National Employment website. Students who are on a J-1 visa must also meet with OIS to gain written employment authorization from their J-1 program sponsor.

Visit the Graduate School Form page for more forms and documents related to student funding. Graduate Assistantships Graduate assistantships are unlike any other student employment on campus. Graduate Teaching Assistants Graduate Teaching Assistants are appointed in an academic department or program and a directly participates in the teaching mission of the unit as instructor of record, lab instructor, recitation leader, lab or lecture assistant, or who has responsibilities in direct support of classroom instruction in the unit, such as setting up labs or working in an instructional computer lab; or b provides general support to the teaching mission of the department or program.

The unclear rules of student-TA relationships

Many of us, in our undergraduate careers, have walked in on the first day of class to behold an attractive teaching assistant of the graduate student variety. Some of us may have even tried to flirt with said TA I certainly did; it did not go well , but if you really want to land this hottie you need to bring your A-game and get to stalking, according to The Gazette , the student newspaper of the University of Western Ontario. Featured prominently in the paper’s “frosh issue,” the journalism team welcomed freshmen to the university by letting them know exactly what to do if they found a teaching assistant attractive.

Never mind that sleeping with your TA is unethical and will likely only end in heartbreak, this is college , live a little.

How can I be the first to find out when there are new teaching assistant jobs on ? Creating job alerts will help you keep up-to-date.

Language Assistants are the single most important language resource we can employ in language learning. The children are now singing and speaking Spanish! We have had our eyes opened to a vibrant and colourful world of Mexico. Having contact with a young native speaker is a source of excitement for many pupils. It taught the pupils about the broader Spanish speaking world and challenged some misconceptions among the younger students that Spanish is only spoken in Spain. The presence of MLAs from across the world enables pupils to become more globally aware, and challenge their perceptions about who speaks the target language, and where.

Strong link between the school and the Language Assistant’s home country. This is particularly important in schools where few students have any direct experience of the countries and cultures where the target language is spoken. Speaking and listening are key areas where students with MLAs are seen to excel. Their confidence in their abilities has increased and they have shown the ability to sustain a spontaneous conversation.

Ultimately, they provide a different slant on life and a fresh approach to teaching which benefits us all,’ concludes Morag Allen, Teacher at Weddington School, Ayr. Skip to main content.

What do teachers say about Language Assistants?

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May 19, – Primary School Teacher Exam Date & Schedule Primary School Assistant Teacher’s Written Exam Date available here. Pre-Primary.

I’m so proud. My alma mater, the University of Western Ontario, published this article in the Frosh Week edition of their student newspaper. It probably should have been named “how to sexually harass your TA”. Do your research. Facebook stalk and get to know your TA. Drop in on his or her tutorials, and if you’re not in that class — make it happen. Switch in if necessary. Get sexual. Not too direct, of course, but express your flirtatiousness in a relatively appropriate manner.

Feel free to be liberal with those top buttons on your blouse or button-up shirt. Just ensure your ensemble screams “flattering” and not “desperate. Take full advantage of this one-on-one experience. Request a meeting during office hours for further assistance on that one question you are “just really having trouble with, and could use some help on.


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As students and teaching assistants TAs return to classes, some will bond over more than their lessons. As of Fall , the University employed 1, TAs in a wide range of departments, class sizes, and duties. But intimate relationships between some students and TAs might often be overlooked. After being intimate with his TA, Josh watched him deliver a lecture a few days later and found their dynamic had changed.

Then, he received a direct message on Instagram from him the TA and the tone of their dynamic shifted. In the message, the TA reminded him of an upcoming assignment.

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Clinical Supervisor, Teaching Assistant or Administrative. Faculty. Staff—An employee of the University other than Faculty. Student—An individual enrolled.

This policy highlights the risks in sexual or romantic relationships in the Stanford workplace or academic setting between individuals in inherently unequal positions; prohibits certain relationships between teachers and students; and requires recusal from supervision and evaluation and notification in other relationships. Applies to all students, faculty, staff, and others who participate in Stanford programs and activities.

There are special risks in any sexual or romantic relationship between individuals in inherently unequal positions, and parties in such a relationship assume those risks. In the university context, such positions include but are not limited to teacher and student, supervisor and employee, senior faculty and junior faculty, mentor and trainee, adviser and advisee, teaching assistant and student, principal investigator and postdoctoral scholar or research assistant, coach and athlete, attending physician and resident or fellow, and individuals who supervise the day-to-day student living environment and their students.

Because of the potential for conflict of interest, exploitation, favoritism, and bias, such relationships may undermine the real or perceived integrity of the supervision and evaluation provided. Further, these relationships are often less consensual than the individual whose position confers power or authority believes. In addition, circumstances may change, and conduct that was previously welcome may become unwelcome.

Even when both parties have consented at the outset to a sexual or romantic involvement, this past consent does not remove grounds for a charge based upon subsequent unwelcome conduct. Such relationships may also have unintended, adverse effects on the climate of an academic program or work unit, thereby impairing the learning or working environment for others — both during such a relationship and after any break-up. Relationships in which one party is in a position to evaluate the work or influence the career of the other may provide grounds for complaint by third parties when that relationship gives undue access or advantage, restricts opportunities, or simply creates a perception of these problems.

Additionally, even when a relationship ends, there may be bias even if unintentional for or against the former partner, or there could be an ongoing impression of such bias; in other words, the effects of a romantic or sexual relationship can extend beyond the relationship itself.


These are University-wide standards that any graduate student must meet prior to assuming one of the various instructional roles. These are meant to be University-wide minimum standards; departments may adopt additional or more stringent standards. Programs that do not use graduate students in instructional roles would not be affected by these standards. They are meant to cover the formal use of graduate teaching assistants in course instruction. Extra help sessions and voluntary tutorials in addition to regular class meetings would not normally fall under these requirements.

Teaching Assistants Note: For the Spring/Summer semester, both Priority shall be accepted or declined within 10 working days of the date of the offer.

Browse our list of frequently asked questions, scenarios, and resources for graduate student instructors. Graduate students who are TAing for classes running online should also consult this guidance. If you have difficulties working out accommodations, discuss with the faculty course leader. Often a student will approach you with a proposed accommodation. In some cases you may need to discuss this accommodation with a faculty course leader.

Columbia Health Services publishes an informative faculty guide to disability services. Scheduling accommodations for sports or performances are generally worked out before the beginning of a term. If a conflict arises during the semester, discuss with the faculty course leader. Suggest that the student reach out to Disability Services for support and documentation. Make sure the student is aware of available support services, considers alternatives, and discusses withdrawing with their advisor.

Columbia students can drop classes with a tuition refund during the Change-of-Program period. Once you have met with your students a few times, it is a good idea to check this roster to see if it matches students attending your class or section — and to alert your faculty course leader to missing students. Efficient grading depends on defining clear rubrics or standards up front. It is great to give students attention and feedback, but there are strategies for keeping this manageable, such as office hours consultation, peer evaluation exercises, and the use of online feedback tools.

Dating Tips : How to Date a Teacher

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